The Essential New-Home Builders’ Checklist

The Essential New-Home Builders’ Checklist
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There is so much to think about when a new home. Use this list to check off important items to ensure the process is a smooth one

What can you afford?


Choosing the land


Getting ready to build


Checking your plans


Before you sign the contract


Once construction starts


Moving in


Remember, the builder has a legal responsibility to ensure the work is carried out in a proper and professional manner. If necessary, there are government departments and bodies in each state and territory that can help consumers and builders resolve building disputes and also offer advice on how to prevent building disputes from arising. However, you should try to resolve any problems or disputes with your builder in the first instance.


For more information on:

Home loans:
1300 300 630

Government benefits for home-builders:

NSW Office of State Revenue
1300 130 624
(First-homeowner benefits)
1300 139 814
(Stamp duty enquiries)

Office of State Revenue Queensland
1300 300 734

State Revenue Office Victoria
13 21 61

Finding a builder
Housing Industry Association
1902 973 555
(Calls charged at $2.75 per minute)

Master Builders Australia
02 6202 8888

Understanding your rights and general advice
NSW Fair Trading
13 32 20

Queensland Building and Construction Commission
139 333

Consumer Affairs Victoria
1300 558 181

Victorian Building Authority
1300 815 127


Originally from Build Home magazine Volume 22 Issue 2

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