A Trampoline is the Perfect Addition To Your Backyard


Create life-long memories with an Australian-made trampoline

A beautiful garden is top of most people’s wish list — a place to entertain and relax with friends and family; a retreat for the kids to enjoy and spend time in nature; an asset that will increase the resale value of the home (for the more hard-headed among us).

A Mr Trampoline tramp ticks all the boxes: it’s an attractively designed addition to your garden. It’s user-friendly all year round. It’s enormous fun. It dramatically reduces screen time (plus — bonus — it wears the kids out). And, as we said before, it boosts the resale value of any family home.

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Hand-made, hand-painted, and fully Australian made, this is a premium product that costs more than the others on the market, but for very good reason. The frames are made from all-Australian steel, galvanised through a hot-dip process that gives the frame decades of serviceability over its closest rivals. The springs are made from high-tensile galvanised steel according to Mr Trampoline’s specific design, delivering a longer, smoother bounce and decades of performance. The springs are set to ‘quiver’ at rest, which means there’s no ‘dead’ feel to the bounce.

“Every component is carefully and exactingly manufactured to be the very best it can be. But it’s the trampoline bed that is the bona fide ‘piece de resistance’, according to Adam Richards, the owner of Mr Trampoline.

“We manually weave each bed in our facility in Carnegie, Victoria,” says Adam. “No less than six specialists handcraft the bounce bed over a period of four days. A single piece of string makes up the entire bed, double-threaded in an open-weave fashion to increase airflow and give a better bounce. Each hand-woven trampoline bed is coated in ultra-violet-stable rubberised paint to ensure long life and elastic flexibility.”

A well maintained Mr Trampoline tramp can literally still be providing lots of bouncy fun for a family 50 years or more after it’s been installed. “How do we know this?” asks Adam. “Because we’ve been to houses which have original Mr Trampoline tramps (back when they were Steelfast). Some of them even have the old seven digit phone number printed on the mat. A bit of sprucing up and they’re still good to go.”

Used by Australian families and elite athletes as well as performance troupes such as Circe du Soleil, Moscow Circus and BOUNCEinc, Mr Trampoline has grown to establish itself as the premium supplier of backyard trampolines and trampoline mats in Australia. “Interestingly,” says Adam, “we would supply the same product to a family for their backyard as we would for a commercial user or the Australian ski team.”

These backyard trampolines come in three standard sizes, but bespoke models can be commissioned for tricky sites, delivering premium bounce and ultimate flight for your entire family — now and for many years to come.


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