How a Pool Enclosure will transform your lifestyle


The past 12 months have shown us how unpredictable Mother Nature can really be. With wild storms flooding our pools and littering them with enormous branches, it has at times, seemed an impossible task to keep them clean.

Let us introduce you to our friends at TPEC Pool Enclosures, leading suppliers of retractable pool enclosures. Offering complete protection, a retractable pool enclosure will transform your lifestyle and ensure you get the maximum enjoyment out of your pool or spa.

What is a pool enclosure?

TPEC Pool Enclosures are 100% custom designed to suit your requirements and optimise your outdoor living space. Constructed of materials that will endure the rigours of the pool environment for more than 30 years, pool enclosures will not only improve your lifestyle but also add value to your property.

Protect your pool

Protecting your pool from all the elements with an enclosure is a simple way to reduce and manage the maintenance necessary to keep it healthy. Once installed, the enclosure will maintain temperature and keep out debris/dust/leaves. This will have a flow-on effect in reducing maintenance, and leave your pool ready to swim in at any given moment. During the warmer months, the enclosure can be opened completely within minutes to give you a healthy dose of vitamin C.

Additionally, enjoy a major reduction in energy and water bills. Outdoor pools are subject to water evaporation which leads to the loss of heat. When enclosed, pools are isolated from the atmosphere and therefore evaporation will be slowed down.

Pool enclosure design

TPEC offer a variety of design so you can select the enclosure which best aligns with your style preferences:

High Models
How a Pool Enclosure will transform your lifestyle

High Enclosures are ideal for a client looking to add an extra room to their property and have usable space inside the enclosure year-round.

Medium Models

A medium height enclosure is ideal in smaller, tighter pool areas, or for use over lap-pools, and also allows the enclosure to be completely opened when the weather permits.Medium Model Pool Enclosure

Low Models

A low enclosure solution is a great option to avoid affecting a nice view, or dominating a garden/landscape. They can also be installed in confined pool areas and still allow the enclosure to be retracted when the weather permits.How a Pool Enclosure will transform your lifestyle

Lean-To Models

Lean-to pool and spa enclosures are specifically designed to attached to a building, retaining wall or other structure to form one side of the enclosed area.Lean-To Pool Enclosure

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