5 Awesome things about High Performance Trampolines

5 Awesome things about High Performance Trampolines


The Complete Home Team caught up with Mr Trampoline’s Adam Richards to discuss five of his favourite things about High Performance Trampolines

1. The Deep Springy Bounce

It’s all about the bounce! Kids will bounce on a trampoline for hours if they are excited about the bounce. High performance trampolines have a soft, deep bounce that generates exhilarating lift. Cheap entry level trampolines have a hard, short bounce which can result in injury through repetitive high impact bouncing.

All high-performance trampolines offer premium bouncing surfaces that are made from durable materials. The best is a 2 string woven mat which enhances the deep springy bounce. Mr Trampoline Founder, Adam Richards explains that premium high performance trampolines will continue to have an olympic standard bounce throughout its lifespan – approximately 20 years.

2. Cross Training Benefits

High performance trampolines are a great way for developing athletes to keep active in the off season of their respective sports.

Trampolines are perfect for practicing acrobatic sports like gymnastics, diving, aerial skiing, snowboarding and skating. They are also a great way to develop core strength and can be incorporated into various rehabilitation programs.

High-performance trampolines also develop an athletes balance and teaches correct falling techniques. This is beneficial for most sports, especially the football codes.

3. Can be dug into the ground

In-ground high performance trampolines are considered to be the pinnacle of trampolining. Mr Trampoline’s, Adam Richards, says “In-ground trampolines are aesthetically pleasing as they sit in the ground and are largely invisible compared to bulky above-ground trampolines”. In-ground trampolines are also safer as they are at ground level and eliminate the drop. Well installed in-ground trampolines are an asset to the home. They look and perform in tune with great real estate.

4. They are Sturdy

For trampolines, longevity is enhanced by the quality and durability of the components. As a general rule, high performance trampolines are over engineered. They are built with heavy duty materials that last.

Heavy duty frames are commonly rectangular hollow section (RHS) made from hot dipped galvanised steel. This is perfect for trampolines in salty coastal regions which are prone to harsh weather conditions.

Two-string woven mats are considered by Mr Trampoline’s, Adam Richards, to be the best mats for bouncing on and are also the most tolerant in harsh climates. It is recommended that the 2 string mats are coated with an all-weather rubber-based protective paint.

Trampolines clips and springs come under a lot of stress. It is important that they are properly connected to spread the bounce load and deliver a safe, consistent bounce.

5. Bragging rights

Not only are high performance trampolines a great way get the blood pumping but the skills learnt on them are enviable. Can you imagine the inner glow from having a bounce with friends and nonchalantly performing a forward somersault with a twist or two!

The challenge of high-performance trampolines and their ability to promote personal growth and self esteem is priceless.

In regard to fitness, a report conducted by NASA concluded that rebounding on a trampoline was the most efficient and effective form of exercise, with 10 minutes of bouncing being equivalent to 33 minutes of running.

There are a range of other general health benefits from trampolining including lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases, strengthening legs and core muscles. All this from a low-impact, fun workout. It is not surprising that trampoline fitness sessions are now very popular at trampoline parks.

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