Rural retreat: a home with style


For their dream home, this young couple were looking for a rural retreat filled with open space and plenty of room for entertaining and raising their young children. With this design, they found a home with true style

Designing and building a custom home always comes with its own unique requirements. For this young family, open space was a priority – allowing every child to have their own bedroom, as well as somewhere to play in the house. Space to entertain was also a must, meaning a large kitchen and a spacious alfresco area. Seeking a change from suburbia with a move to rural Silverdale, it was also important that the home draw from its rural surroundings, allowing the open outdoors to flow through the home.

In the end, one of the core design elements of the home emerged as a result of an initial build challenge – a site filled with obstacles, including dense bush and scrub, as well as a deep gully running through the area.

“However, the slope [of the gully] inspired the design of the split level – we decided to use it to our advantage,” Style Homes’ Giulio Ranieri, Designer/Builder of the project says.

When looking to create the open feel of the home, the decision was made to elevate the ceilings to create a flowing transition from the large property outside to a spacious interior within. Swapping the suburbs for a rural retreat meant these young parents also had the opportunity to create a decadent master suite, and this was taken into account as well. Timber floors were used in the parents’ retreat to create a luxurious and defined space of their own.

A key part of the new home was creating defined living areas, allowing the family to grow and have their own spaces. The granite steps used in the split-level design provide a signature touch, and for Giulio, a feature which truly makes the home feel special and unique.

“The clients wanted something different with the entry and main living areas, so when we proposed the high raked ceilings and defined steps, they loved the idea,” Giulio says.

The end result is the perfect rural retreat – an open family home that invites the picturesque surroundings in, while providing a sanctuary for its owners.

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