“The best private swimming pond of 2016”: ecological design


This ecological private swimming pond in Driebergen, the Netherlands, was named best private swimming pond of 2016 by Dutch landscaping association VHG. We take a look at what makes this space so unique

Judged to be the best swimming pond of 2016, this pond style design presents an ecological option in the middle of a garden that feels more like a dedicated flower garden than a private backyard. According to the jury of experts, it wasn’t just the beauty of the garden that made it a stand-out winner, it was also the experience the garden provides. ‘You feel as if you are in a flowery Dutch water landscape,’ their report reads.

The swimming pond

Forming the central axis of the garden, the swimming pond’s linear design creates the perfect flow between the pond and the garden. This linear concept also strenghtens the impact of the well-chosen planting profile, with a stunning selection of water plants that seamlessly – and almost invisibly – blend with the planting at the edge of the water. All the plants also complement the naturally wooded surroundings of the house, giving a feeling of permanence to the recently established garden. The ecological swimming pond was built by LilyPond and the garden was laid out by Garden Vision after a design by Arie Tuinarchitectuur.

Maintenance free and non slip

This beautiful space was perfectly suited to a high-quality decking solution. This is why Arie Tuinarchitectuur chose Esthec Terrace.

The look and feel of this composite decking material fits in perfectly with this garden. Another major advantage of Esthec Terrace is that it is available in 7 different colours. The subtle colour variation in each plank also gives the deck a lively appearance. In addition, Esthec Terrace is easy to combine with other garden materials. All of this provides landscape architects with a wide range of design possibilities,” Landscape Architect Arie van der Hout says.

Because the deck to be positioned adjacent to the swimming pond, slip resistance was an important factor in design – and one which Esthec Terrace excels at. Composite material also requires no maintenance and can go without weathering.

“Indispensable next to a swimming pond, the deck remains slip resistant in wet conditions. This also makes Esthec Terrace suitable for application in shaded areas. It is resistant to algae growth as well. Whenever the material has some dirt on it, it is easily cleaned by hosing it down,” Van der Hout says.

Esthec always feels comfortable to bare feet, as it does not warp like PVC or wood and is splinter free. Because of these advantages, Esthec is a popular choice in many backyards, gardens and commercial areas, helping you create the perfect, low-maintenance, high function look.

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