On the coast: A perfect landscape in a sought-after coastal location

On the coast: A perfect landscape in a sought-after coastal location
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The outdoor spaces that wrap around this modern new home in one of Perth’s premier coastal suburbs, City Beach, boast a contemporary design enhanced by high-quality finishes and lush, advanced planting

The clients, who looked to Tim Davies Landscaping (TDL) to design and build their dream landscape, wanted mature garden spaces — something that would create an instant impact and soften the clean-lined, minimalist architecture of the house and the large outdoor areas surrounding it.

Sourcing mature trees and various plants was critical to give the gardens an established feel, right from the outset. This process relied on clear and constant communication with the clients to ensure the right plants were used in the right spaces. Given the property’s proximity to the coast, it wasn’t just looks that mattered. It was equally important that the plants were well suited to the sometimes punishing conditions.

The advanced planting palette incorporates mature olive trees, which tie the property’s front elevation and side passageway to its coastal setting; established star jasmine creepers alongside the swimming pool in the rear garden; and the spectacular mature poinciana tree in the home’s central courtyard. Along with the planting, ornamentation was used to tie in with the materials specified by the architect and provide points of interest in front, side and rear gardens. Custom graphite granite bowls and planters were designed by TDL and installed throughout the landscape. These complement the beautiful Bateig Azul Spanish sandstone paving that was selected by the architect and installed by TDL.

The lighting spheres, along with the water feature in the central courtyard, all of which were designed and installed by TDL, add to the ambience, as does the sculpture by Western Australian artist Tim Macfarlane Reid, which sits in a raised planter overlooking the pool in the rear garden.

The project, which took two years from design to completion, is a resounding success. By sourcing mature tree and plant specimens and combining them with custom ornamentation and timeless materials, TDL has created spaces that are unique for a residential job of its size.

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