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Main Bathroom Week on The Block


It’s Main Bathroom Week on The Block! Putting bathrooms together in just four days is no easy feat, so we’re pretty impressed with the progress made by The Blockheads in such a short time period.

We’ll be commenting on the finished bathrooms shortly, but in the meantime, here are some pearls of wisdom from Main Bathroom Week on The Block:

  • Secure all your trades early on, to ensure a timely completion. Having to scramble for find plumbers and tiles like Sarah and Jason is never ideal for your renovation or your stress levels!
  • Levelling/flattening/straightening your floors and walls before tiling is crucial. Otherwise, an unattractive difference in height between two adjacent tiles could occur. Looking into your bathroom’s waterproofing needs early on in the process too – there’s nothing worse than having to rip up a newly tiled floor to correct mistakes.
  • Skylights work beautifully in bathrooms. While not the most common space to infuse a skylight into, a skylight can transform an ordinary bathroom into a well-lit beauty!
  • Separate toilets are the way to go. While this will involve a little extra planning and effort, this will increase the functionality of the space exponentially, especially in a family home.
  • Bathroom feature walls are a great idea. They add much-character to spaces like bathrooms which can otherwise be a little dull.
  • Don’t make big purchases without consulting your renovation partner. The inevitable infighting that will follow is a massive waste of precious time, especially if you have a looming deadline.