Garden decor: Pots and planters

Pots and planters have come a long way from the humble terracotta. Infuse your garden with some style:

atlantis pots rustic and grecian

We love these rustic Atlantis pots. Like they washed up from an ancient sunken city, they’re a bold and beautiful statement.

minimal cool garden pots

These Oltrevaso pots are minimal cool taken to the garden. Whether you use them in a contemporary minimal garden to complement or as a contrast in an ornate garden, these pots are perfect.

dark contemporary Balcony lite pots

The Balcony lite pots are a simple, dark look. Perfect for ferns and native Australian plants.

bright and bold atomic pots

The Atomic glazed pots are a bold and exciting choice – glazed in bright colours, these pots will stand out in any garden.

geo rok pots

This Geo Rok pot is a perfect blend of modern matte and traditional urns. Use as a feature or a contrast point in your garden, they create beautiful levels.

Written by Lauren Farquhar

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