Garden sculptures: art and geometry come together


This innovative artist is creating unique garden sculptures that will add personality to your outdoor living area

When building and customising your garden there are a variety of design elements to choose, from common garden gnomes to elegant marble statues. And then are truly unique and interesting garden features that are more works of art than anything else.

Matt Hill’s sculptures are more than garden ornaments—they’re abstract creations built with a vision. Showcased around the country, including the famous Mt Eliza Design and Art show, Matt Hill has been showered with praise and awards alike for his innovative creations.

Of his award winning work, Matt says “I have always wanted to create sculptures with purpose.  Something that is aesthetically appealing during the day and more so once night falls”.

The sculptures are made from corten, mild steel and glass and while the steel can be powder coated, Matt Hill thinks the light works best when the sculpture is left to rust. Some of the most exciting features of his sculptures are light pattern, illusions and play of shadows during both the day and night.

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