Elegant Outdoor Entertaining

Elegant Outdoor Entertaining


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Both spacious and lavish, this outdoor room has all the bells and whistles

When we visit a five-star resort, we expect an experience that’s second to none: the facilities must be extensive and the products, materials and inclusions should be top of the range. Luckily for the owners of the prestigious property pictured, this is exactly what they have in their own backyard — everything they could possibly need and more. There’s no need to go on holidays when you have so many wonderful entertaining elements just outside your back door.

Here, US E Pty Ltd built an outdoor room right next to the indoor kitchen and dining areas with the materials chosen specifically to blur the boundary between the interior and exterior environments, effectively extending the home’s living space.

When entertaining friends and family, there’s no need to cook everything inside, as the outdoor kitchen has everything — including the kitchen sink — ready to tackle large- or small-scale gatherings. There’s a mass of bench space, which means that preparation can be conducted outdoors, keeping the indoor kitchen spotless. A large stainless-steel barbecue and hotplate are the main appliances here — and there’s plenty of storage for the barbecue area’s cooking implements, where often-used items can be stowed away out of sight, sparing the internal kitchen precious room.

To stop both the guests and the host from needing to track in and out of the house, a handy glass-fronted refrigerator has been incorporated under the bench of the outdoor kitchen area. Now beer and wine are only a stone’s throw away from the dining area and, if someone in the pool would like a nice, cool drink, they don’t need to dry off or risk tracking dirt and water through the house.

A large 10-person table has been placed at the centre of the outdoor entertaining area with lovely views of the pool and landscaped garden. It has been perfectly positioned to face the outdoor television, which means the owners can now enjoy their favourite shows, movies or sporting event when they are outside. Speakers have been mounted around the setting for the television and so music can be listened to when pottering and unwinding outdoors.

Looking out from the seating area, past the columns that ooze sophistication and opulence, the beautiful, sparkling blue pool, by Brighton Pools, invites the home’s owners and their guests to jump right in. Fenced off by frameless glass, which not only ensures the safety of children and pets but allows an uninterrupted view of the garden, the square pool becomes a feature at night thanks to the clever implementation of lighting and the waterfall edge at the rear of the garden.

Drawing the eye out is the attention-grabbing water feature behind the pool. Looking back from this vantage point is appealing, with the grand residence taking centre stage. In fact, through clever design and complementary materials, there’s an easy flow between all areas — the home, the outdoor kitchen/entertaining area and the pool.

Project details
Outdoor room design and construction by UBE Pty Ltd PO Box 182, Olinda Vic 3788 Phone (03) 9751 0875 Website www.ube.com.au Pool design and construction by
Brighton Pools 30A Brewer Road, Bentleigh Vic 3204 Phone (03) 9576 5511 Website www.brightonpools.com.au Photography by Patrick Redmond