Beautiful and bespoke landscape sculptures


These incredible outdoor sculptures will add a new dimension to your outdoor space

There’s no denying Australia’s affection for a beautiful backyard, and as research keeps telling us, it’s also integral to our health and wellbeing. Yet with so many backyard ideas on the market, you can be hard-pressed to find something truly unique — and there’s nothing worse than a space that doesn’t reflect your personality and taste.

Enter Matt Hill. His bespoke landscape sculptures hint at something intrinsically Japanese, which can be explained by his five-month-turned-seven-year stint dodging visas and snowboarding in northern Japan. Years passed, and Matt has since returned to Australia bringing a raft of fresh ideas with an innovative flair and unparalleled talent.

His company, Matt Hill Projects, specialises in landscape lighting and sculptures, predominantly in — though not limited to — spheres and cubes. Each piece is made to order so you won’t find a backlog of sculptures sitting on a shelf ready for sale. This ensures his clients get the unique, bespoke piece missing from their outdoor areas. However, for Matt, the underlying concept behind his work is to create something that will capture your imagination during the day and, lit up by 12-volt waterproof LED lights, ignite it come nightfall.

With such unique and individual sculptures, Matt has truly created a niche market for himself. He focuses on simple, geometric shapes as well as lighting and shadows to add drama to his pieces. Having such personal work displayed in the homes of many, it’s no surprise Matt delivers and installs his sculptures himself to ensure the integrity of the space.

He has an array of accomplishments under his belt so you know his work is worth the investment. In 2013, his Simple Sphere project won Best Small Sculpture at the Albert Park College Art Show in Melbourne, and last year he was invited to be the feature artist for Sculpture at the Mt Eliza Art and Design Show, Melbourne. Matt Hill is an artist/sculptor/designer, but according to him, he “just likes to make things”.

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