Genuine outdoor TV’s by Solid Display Systems


The term “Outdoor TV” has recently been used to describe attempts by regular TV manufacturers to tweak indoor TVs to be visible and waterproof outdoors. Kind of like putting an engine on your push-bike so you can travel at 100km/h … why not just buy a motorbike?

Genuine outdoor TV's by Solid Display Systems

Solid Display Systems have made hundreds of genuine Outdoor Screens for over a decade. We don’t overthink this. We look at your needs then offer a solution that will work.

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how our pride & joy outdoor entertaining area could possibly get any better. Nice weather, music, friends – lovely!

Genuine outdoor TV's by Solid Display Systems

Whether it’s for sports fans, or to keep the kids amused with a silly movie, Solid Display Systems can add to this perfect day.

About Solid… “We create”

Solid is a family business and a leading Video Scoreboard company in Australia. We design our own screens, fabricate structures in-house and importantly create all of our own sport software systems in-house. Our system development has been constant over the last dozen years. Many other LED suppliers now on-sell our systems around the country.

The development of Outdoor LED video screens is a specialist industry with thousands of configurations available. Matching these configurations to suit end-use is crucial for success.For outdoor TV’s, there is no one solution. If not configured correctly, disappointment will follow.

Did you know?

We bet you thought that the whitegoods outlet around the corner also sells “LED screens” – Not quite. Solid LED screens are completely different to what is commonly known as “LED TV” screens.

Common store-bought models should be called “LED backlit LCD screens”.

A standard television generates its picture through sandwiched layers:

  1. A white LED light layer at the rear
  2. A transparent LCD colour image
  3. A glass face layer (or several)

Our screens consist of tiny RGB LED lights, strong enough to push light through direct sunlight.

Also, there’s no glass cover on our weatherproof screens, meaning no glare.

If you did know the above fact, then we’re impressed!


Brightness is make-or-break for outdoor TV screens. We love sunlight, but we know how much better the TV looks when the curtains are closed.

The brighter the screen is, the more likely the image and colour will push through the opposing sunlight.

To draw a comparison between Solid LED screens and others:

  • Brightness and strength is measured in a term known as a ‘nit’ (or candela per square metre).
  • The higher the ‘nit’ measurement, the brighter the screen
  • The brighter the screen is, the more likely the image and colour will push through the opposing sunlight
  • A typical TV records around 250 nits
  • Some “outdoor TV’s” are quoted at 700-250 nits, which are brighter than normal but also retain a glass cover and glare (remember the push bike analogy)
  • Solid Outdoor TV’s are 5,000 nits – we believe this should be the minimum requirement

Genuine outdoor TV's by Solid Display Systems

This image shows a Solid screen in low direct morning sunlight. You can see the strength of the sun from the shadows. If this is how 5,000 nits looks, imagine 700-2,500!

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