Mangrove Mountain’s Stunning Glass Chapel Project


This chapel makes light work of cleaning even the hardest to reach glass panels. The secret to crystal clear views?

Nestled in a gorgeous rural setting just over an hour from Sydney, this show-stopping glass chapel in Mangrove Mountain takes full advantage of the surrounding landscape and is a piece of art in itself. The striking contemporary steel and glass structure sits in perfect contrast with its setting.

With its striking aesthetic and abundance of natural light, feature glass windows or doors are a stunning design element to include in any newbuild, and this church incorporates 3 of the trickiest types to keep clean – window wall, cathedral-style and geometric.

As the name suggests; a window wall covers the surface of an entire wall and one of the challenges of installing floor to ceiling windows or doors is cleaning and maintenance. It makes for breathtaking views, but when it comes to ongoing cleaning, glass maintenance requires careful planning. While the ornate style and geometric angles in this structure are impressive, cleaning around this framework requires serious attention to detail.

To address these cleaning challenges the structure contains glass coated with EnduroShield’s low maintenance, environmentally friendly treatment, helping to keep the glass cleaner for longer and offer protection from staining and etching.

The magnificence of a feature such as this relies on clean, clear glass. Dirt, grime and staining would undoubtedly detract from the stunning design and impressive views. EnduroShield is the smart choice to reduce maintenance costs and deliver an effective clean, every time.

Now you can benefit from EnduroShield’s cutting-edge nanotechnology at home. If you’re building or renovating, EnduroShield can be applied on-site to installed glass by a professional applicator, or you can purchase a simple-to-apply EnduroShield DIY kit.

Protect your glass with EnduroShield and spend your weekend enjoying the view.

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