Hex Vertical Garden: Stylish indoors and out


“My love affair with the vertical garden has been a long one. Their versatility to suit balconies, small backyards and courtyards speaks for itself, but I also love the idea of using them to green up your interior.”

“I’ve been working on my latest creation with that in mind, to suit either small outdoor spaces or the perfect addition to your indoor entertaining area or even bedroom! Introducing the Hex Vertical Garden. This module unit can be arranged any way you like, and the design lift brackets make it easy to install (screw to wall and lift hex frame onto it). It brackets off the wall so climbers can grow up and around the frame, and so that the metal doesn’t mark the wall. We also have pot holders available for purchase that you can arrange and clip the frame on as desired.There are two patterns you can arrange with the added advantage of adding to the climbing frame as the plant grows.

If you’re interested in my latest creation, please touch base via phone, email or Facebook message.


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