Introduction to Kingdomes + 4 Metre Dome WALKTHROUGH


My partner and I have always loved the great outdoors and so, as a surprise to my partner for her birthday, I had booked a weekend away at a glamping spot that was using bell tents. We had never been glamping before so was interested in the concept. We instantly fell in love with the idea of glamping accommodation. Being in nature while still being able to access running water (toilet, hot showers etc), proper cooking facilities and a super comfy bed. Ohh and electricity of course.

Though we loved the idea of glamping as a whole, there were plenty of drawbacks with the bell tents themselves. Can’t really set them up permanently due to wind and rain which can jeopardize the structural integrity of the tent over time. The pole holding up the tent was in the centre of the tent which was inconvenient and due to the nature of a tent can get ridiculously hot/cold at times.

I had thought there must be other glamping structures out there and so after much research I had found what I was looking for. Geodesic Dome Structures. They were STRONG. They were SPACIOUS. They have INSULATION. You can easily put air-conditioning or wood fire stoves in them. They were CUSTOMIZABLE. And personally I think they look so cool. Unique in shape and the windows/doors just complete the igloo look.

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