THE MURRAY wall art by Entanglements metal art

Hide Away: 21 ways to get privacy in style


21 ways to get privacy in style

modern garden screen

Whether you want privacy from nosy neighbours or to hide garbage bins or ugly facades, the Garden screen from DESIGNED BY TAIT will allow light to filter through while still providing a barrier. You can even plant creepers at the base to work their way up and intertwine through the laser-cut holes.

Biba Screen

Inspired by the vibrancy of a spider and the shell of an insect, the Biba screen by Kenneth Cobonpue for DESIGN BY HIVE is made up of carefully hand-dyed rattan vines.

eco chic garden screen

The Martinique screen in yellow from ECO CHIC will offer privacy and style, as well as add colour to your outdoors for summer.

THE MURRAY wall art by Entanglements metal art

The Murray window from ENTANGLEMENTS has a beautiful laser-cut design that is complemented by its natural rust finish. Custom-made to suit your area, the Murray will blend flawlessly with the rest of your garden but will also create a striking contrast between the rust and vibrant green of your plants and trees.


Privacy, designed by Nathalie Timmermans for Tribu, available from COSH LIVING, is lightweight, frost-resistant and easily moveable due to its polyester base and hidden wheels. Delicate and elegant, the reeds are actually an arrangement of glass-fibre rods.

steel screen contemporary design

Australian manufacturers of high-quality steel architectural and decorative panels, privacy screens and other landscaping pieces, TOMBO DESIGN uses water-jet and plasma-cutting technology to create stunning screens for outdoor areas. Custom made, the size, finish and design are all in your hands.

GreenWall vertigro

GREENWALL AUSTRALIA’s VertiGro system uses individual patented pots that allow your plants to grow in their natural geotropic way. This system also enables you to easily change certain plants depending on the season.

versatile gardenwall

Versatile in its design, the GardenWall from DESIGNED BY TAIT will add extra colour and texture to your outdoor space.


A different kind of green wall, the Lann garden screen from UTE DESIGN is a cube, wire-mesh design with chosen plants sitting in gorgeous terracotta pots. The base of the Lann is a sturdy gabion filled with river pebbles, which will absorb excess water from the pots.

Gum Leaves screen design

Gum Leaves from Martin Kellock Pots and Planters is a beautiful screening solution made from Corten steel. This weather-resistant steel is a copper chromium alloy steel, which has a greater level of resistance to atmospheric weathering when compared to other unalloyed steels. This is due to its chemical composition that promotes the early formation of an adhering protective layer of rust. Aesthetically pleasing, with the design blending seamlessly into surrounding bush environments, this finish has become popular with many high-profile architects.

OUTDECO blockout screens

OUTDECO supplies a variety of block-out screens, all providing different percentages of privacy. New to the 80 per cent block-out range is the Wooloomai design, reminiscent of ocean waves, a streaming river or foliage whistling in the breeze. Wooloomai would be an ideal fencing solution for a small courtyard or outdoor area where privacy is required without compromising on the inflow of natural light.

cumulus screen

A design from OUTDECO’s 90 per cent block-out range, Cumulus displays a free-flowing circular pattern inspired by the shapes of fluffy white clouds. Cumulus is almost completely blocked out, therefore it would be a perfect fencing solution or as an alternative way to separate outdoor spaces while at the same time adding colour and texture.


OUTDECO screens are available in a selection of finishes, including natural brown, black or white, and can be arranged horizontally or vertically, depending on your desired aesthetic. Marakesh displays a popular geometrical, Morrocan pattern from mid-20th-century architecture. In this instance, Marakesh has been used functionally as a boundary between this home and its neighbour, also drawing your eye to the beautiful patterns of the screen rather than to the not-so-attractive building behind.

House of Bamboo screen

Its gorgeous texture is what makes these Bamboo Rod screens from HOUSE OF BAMBOO so popular — that, as well as their versatility. Whether you aim to create a new space in your outdoor area, hide unsightly mess or an existing fence, Bamboo Rod screens can be easily assembled. These screens are even certified as appropriate fencing around pools.

House of Bamboo_ACA 1

Made from acacia plantation timber, the Acacia Privacy screen from HOUSE OF BAMBOO offers an elegant, natural privacy screen. Available in a curved, horizontal or vertical formation, these screens will be an ideal addition to any style of home.

hardwood and steel screen

Combining hardwood and steel materials, this screen from CHIPPY’S OUTDOOR provides aesthetic and functional benefits to an outdoor space. Japanese merbau timber is laid horizontally on the bottom half in order to achieve a fully blocked-out privacy screen, and a decorative Matrix Rust Steel screen is placed on top to create a striking visual contrast.

fiore outdoor screen

Fiore by F. Bertero, A. Panto and S. Marzoli, available from SPACE FURNITURE, is made from laser-cut steel and will cast gorgeous shadows across your space. The Fiore will be a versatile addition to your outdoor area as it can be easily moved around.

Nova screen

A practical and appealing addition to an outdoor space, the Nova screen in orange from ROCK & STONE will offer a colourful and textured divide between areas or a boundary around plant boxes.

pvc outdoor screen

Both providing protection from the weather and the ability to still see and enjoy your outdoor space in its entirety, OPTISCREEN’s bifolds and multi-stack sliding panels are available in PVC, Vistaweave or acrylic and offer a high degree of thermal and acoustic shelter. With aluminium framing, optiScreens are lightweight yet incredibly durable and will not shatter, unlike glass.

stainless steel leaves screen

The Leaves screen by Q DESIGN is made from marine-grade stainless steel, laser cut to create a stunning design. Q Design can custom make a screen in order to suit your space and aesthetic desires.

contemporary outdoor screen and fountain

Another unique way of creating privacy in a stylish way is by integrating your screen with another functional feature, whether it be a pool, built-in seating or a water fountain. This Wattle screen design by TIM DAVIES LANDSCAPING is a great example.


Words Karsha Green

Originally from Outdoor Rooms Magazine Issue 22