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These high quality trampolines will make you bounce with joy


Keeping up with the harsh Australian climate

Trampolines can bring many years of fun for kids and families, but only if they’re built to last. That’s why it’s important to source a trampoline with the highest-quality specifications, and built with the best materials, to prolong the life of the equipment and extend the fun. As a leading supplier of quality trampolines in Australia, Oz Trampolines products are designed to withstand our harsh climate, from freezing temperatures to intense heat and humidity. With quality you can trust and exceptional after-sales service, Oz Trampolines has taken the guesswork out of your next trampoline purchase, making trampolining a breeze. The Australian owned and operated company has shipped more than 70,000 orders since 2007, with thousands of happy customers.

Options to suit

Oz Trampolines come in multiple size options to suit any garden or backyard. You can choose from round, oval or rectangular above-ground styles, with the new European-made Orbit Pro model offering superior bounce, while the original Summit model is a long-time favourite. Or you can select an in-ground trampoline for a more appealing aesthetic. Gaining popularity across Australia, in-ground trampolines provide improved safety for kids and offer a better fit for homeowners who like to maintain their backyard landscape with a less invasive but equally fun product. Oz Trampolines’ in-ground trampoline has been carefully designed for easy installation, with less excavation required than other models on the market, cutting installation costs by more than half.

Exceptional quality

Oz Trampolines products are made with only the highest-quality parts and materials, with UV protection and water resistance, to maintain the look and prolong the life of your trampoline. With a high weight capacity, they can be used by the whole family because bouncing is great for adults, too, with many health benefits. Their European-made in-ground trampolines boast 22cm German steel springs that guarantee excellent bounce and maximum safety, and are remarkably quiet. Oz Trampolines’ commitment to high manufacturing standards translates into an outstanding warranty policy (this varies for individual products), and easy online claims process.


If you’ve ever put together a trampoline, you’ll know it can be a bit of a challenge, but customers say the Oz Trampolines instructions are easy to follow, cutting the time you need to take out of your day. There are also bundle deals that offer value-for-money purchasing, and you’ll get free delivery across most of Australia, as well as transparent delivery times. When replacements are required outside of the warranty inclusions, you can access excellent customer service and fast response times. Throw in a 90-day “Peace of Mind Guarantee” giving you the option to return your item and receive a refund, and it’s no wonder parents are giving Oz Trampolines a five-star review.


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