Indoor - Outdoor Connection

Indoor – Outdoor Connection


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Are you looking to extend your living area and create an indoor-outdoor connection?

Investing in a Sp anline Home Addition is the perfect way to create a link with the outdoors and will also boost the value of your home. Whether you are interested in a patio or verandah cover, glass or screened enclosure, insulated roofing and wall panels or a brand new carport or shelter, Spanline Home Additions will create a custom design to suit your home and lifestyle.

A Spanline patio or awning can protect your family and furnishings from the harmful effects of the elements and create a stylish setting for alfresco dining, a sheltered play area or an intimate space for sharing quality time.

Available in a range of versatile designs, a Spanline carport or shelter will transform an unprotected area into a functional and practical space offering shade, shelter, protection and privacy.

If you would prefer an enclosed, purpose-built indoor-outdoor room, ask Spanline about its glass or screened enclosures. Providing year-round protection from the weather and insects, Spanline’s unique outdoor designs are tailored to your individual needs. Whether your home is traditional or contemporary in style, Spanline has a design to reflect your personality and lifestyle.

When you deal with a member of the Spanline team, you can rest assured that they are fully trained and well versed in the local conditions and regulations. After all, every member of the friendly team at your nearest Spanline outlet is a local person, just like you. In addition, Spanline will manage all your building approvals and stay in touch with you throughout the entire design and construction process.

Thanks to Spanline’s superior steel roof profile, completely integrated building system and innovative home addition designs, Australian homeowners can create their ultimate year-round lifestyle solution. Spanline staff know you take pride in your home, which is why they take pride in their work.

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