Indoor plants aren’t just for looking pretty…


Ever noticed how a room can have a certain feeling? You might walk into a room and experience a wonderful warm, positive feeling. Others might leave you uncomfortable or even uneasy. It comes down to more than just the colour scheme and style of the room. The energy in the room a crucial role.

As someone who loves yoga and meditation, I’ve always been very interested in the way we create energy and the energy around us. The idea of plants, their energy and placement in the home is strongly based on the concepts of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is a practice for healthy living which seeks to channel energies a the space in order to bring good health, wellness, luck and create peace and good will within our relationships.

Essentially, anything can give off energy, not just humans. For instance, gardens are known for their wonderful energy. The rich assortment of plants and aesthetic landscape features create a positive energy and atmosphere (a much different feeling to when you’re stuck in a sterile doctor’s waiting room or stuck in line at the bank).

Don’t feel like you’re missing out if you don’t have a garden. The good news is simply using indoors plants in your home can make all the difference.

Indoor plants are known for their many benefits and various studies have been conducted which look into their effects. For instance, when NATO conducted experiments into the oxygenating properties of household plants, several were found to have the ability to remove the chemical gases used in home furnishings. Other studies have shown indoor plants can even improve productivity in the workplace and reduce staff absenteeism.

So what’s not to love about indoor plants? Yes, they do require maintenance so look into what plants are best suited for indoors. Placing appropriate plants in particular areas in your home that get sun or can make all the difference maintenance-wise.

Let’s start getting the energy flowing! Here are some facts and tips to help achieve balance in your household by indoor plants

  • Living plants attract and divert energy. Placing plants in the corners of the room will help draw the room’s energy together.
  • Plants that are too large can take out the energy in a room. Smaller plants may add little in terms of energy.
  • Plants reflect active energy so they are happiest in yang (active) rooms such as living and dining areas.
  • Round leafed plants are believed to the most effective but a spiky leafed plant can add a jolt of energy to a usually quiet space
  • Work with colour and energy. Matching the colour of the flowers and pot can create a peaceful feeling

Regardless if you want to use plants to enhance your energy levels or not, they make a wonderful enhancement to any home!

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