Inground, above ground or in deck bounce – put some color in your garden


Boost the bounce appeal of your outdoor space with an Australian-made trampoline that will put a spring in your step for years to come.

Mr Trampoline trampolines have been the preferred choice of Australian families for decades and come in a variety of sizes and applications: Olympic size, family size and teeny-weeny for the littlies, inground, above ground and in-deck. Bespoke models can be commissioned for tricky sites, delivering premium bounce and ultimate flight for the entire family.

And now an exciting burst of colour is available for your garden. Generally associated with green mats (for the Very Excellent Reason that they look so good in a green lawn), Mr Trampoline is excited to introduce a candy-coloured assortment of mat treatments to really personalise your garden design. There’s pink! Orange! Red! Yellow! Sky blue! Or maybe you prefer a more subdued palette. In which case you can choose classic black, silver, navy or of course the eternal favourite, green! Whatever hue you choose, you’ll be bringing your garden to exuberant, jumping-jack life.

MrTrampoline’s frames are made from all-Australian steel, galvanised through a hot-dip process and built to last. These frames won’t rust, even in coastal areas. The bounce beds are woven on specialised looms and deliver a longer, smoother bounce and decades of performance and fun.


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