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When friends and neighbours drop in, make your backyard the best address in town for relaxed outdoor living & outdoor entertaining this season.

Having a trampoline in your outdoor entertaining spaces is a great way to entertain younger guests. There are plenty of clever ways to integrate a trampoline into the landscape.

According to Adam Richards, founder of Mr Trampoline, an in-ground trampoline is a value add to a property and can be incorporated into a garden design. “Many consider in-ground to be the best and safest option and these are mostly landscaped into lawn areas,” he says. “Above-ground trampolines can be made stable on any surface and are a great choice if you want to move it from time to time, or are expecting to move properties.”

Adam suggests when sourcing a trampoline, look for a superior product. “We’ve worked hard over the years to make an enduring, premium product that provides the ultimate bounce,” he says. “The experience of many buying the cheaper ‘toy’ models that are not manufactured in Australia has shown they don’t last.”

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