IKEA The Growroom

Inside The Growroom by IKEA


IKEA Australia shares a glimpse of tomorrow’s sustainable community

What if we all lived in co-living communities? What if our cities were filled with breathable architecture and green communal spaces, even in highly urbanised cities?

What if life in Sydney looked like this?

Sydneysiders got a glimpse of  what the future could look like, and the benefits of co-living, at the IKEA Shared Dining Experience this week. This event combined iconic IKEA foods with fresh ingredients picked straight from the critically-acclaimed Growroom – the first time the urban spherical garden will be showcased in Australia.

IKEA The Growroom

The IKEA Australia People & Planet Positive Report 2017 suggests our future will feature shared living spaces and ownership, due to Australia’s predicted population growth. The UN has predicted that 70% of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050, thus increasing population density.

Created by SPACE10, the IKEA future-living lab in Copenhagen, Denmark, the Growroom is an open-source urban farm pavilion that explores how cities can feed themselves through shared food-producing architecture.

IKEA The Growroom IKEA The Growroom

While sustainable measures such as The Growroom will become crucial for sourcing local produce in the future, they are also a viable option for those currently living in cosmopolitan cities and urban areas. We had the chance to visit IKEA’s Growroom and enjoy a meal cooked using produce harvested from it yesterday , and we were incredible impressed with its functionality and feasibility for inclusion in modern day backyards and communal spaces.

IKEA The Growroom

If you want to get your hands on a Growroom for your home or local community, you’re in luck. Instructions for building Space10’s Growroom can be found here, so you can have one built and ready to use by spring!

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