Indoor Worm Farm: Explore the possibilities with the Tumbleweed Cube

Indoor Worm Farm: Explore the possibilities with the Tumbleweed Cube


Think outside the square with the new Tumbleweed Cube, a handy indoor worm farm that can help reduce your carbon footprint

If you’ve ever considered a fun and low-maintenance way to reduce your carbon footprint, here’s a way to do it in style – with the Tumbleweed Cube. New to Tumbleweed’s impressive stable of products is an indoor worm farm that recycles organic food waste into a rich fertiliser, which can be harvested to use in the garden. Featuring a fully-housed system, the Tumbleweed Cube enjoys a modern and seamless design with an interior-led aesthetic.

At first glance, the Cube looks nothing like a traditional worm farm. Blending effortlessly into its environment, it is the most stylish accommodation a worm could want. The Tumbleweed Cube offers a fun and low-maintenance indoor solution to recycling organic food waste. The unique in-tray housing of the working trays enables the worm farm to remain more insulated, resulting in a more consistent ambient temperature and better moisture retention. In short: happy worms!

Despite being designed for indoor use, the Tumbleweed Cube is just as functional in an outdoor setting. Once established, the Cube will process 2-3kg of kitchen scraps each week. It also has a built-in Worm Tea Bucket, which you can easily remove and deposit into your potted plants or balcony garden and use as a natural fertiliser.

Tumbleweed is a composting champion offering a variety of products including worm farms, both in- and above-ground, as well as composting bins and all the associated accessories you need. The Australian-owned business manufactures products made from 100% recycled plastic as it strives to make a significant contribution to environmental sustainability. It does this by designing and manufacturing innovative products that encourage consumers of all ages to reduce, reuse and recycle organic waste.

The Tumbleweed Cube is available to purchase at Bunnings, or visit to find out more