Leafy and luxurious bathroom

This bathroom space will make you feel like you’re relaxing in a rainforest

At the heart of this leafy oasis is a freestanding, composite stone bath. Deep, inviting and luxurious, the bath is teamed with matching twin basins. The organic shape of these elements softens the angularity of the diagonal motif that echoes throughout the design.

For the paving, Phillip Withers Landscape Design chose Anston granite pavers in three colours: Remi, Mimosa and a custom-designed colour, which Anston matched to a Porter’s Paints Cuban Turquoise colour swatch. Picking up on the colour of the palest paver, the ceiling over the vanity is clad in distressed white lining boards from Glosswood.

The bath sits in a sea of ferns, making you feel like you are in a rainforest. Species include Dicksonia antarctica, Asplenium nidus, Asplenium dimorphum and Polypodium aureum. The sense of abundance they create is further enhanced by the vertical garden modules attached to the screens around the bath and the green wall in front of the vanity.

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Originally in Backyard Ideas Book, Volume 1

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