Mr Trampoline Delivers on Strength and Durability


With 60 years of trampoline manufacturing, MrTrampoline know how to create high-performance products fit for everyone.

Designed and made in Australia to suit the rigours of commercial life and outdoor Aussie conditions, MrTrampoline high-performance products are the benchmark of commercial and public space trampoline equipment. MrTrampoline is a world leader in stitch-free weaving and material coating, and is focused on product longevity, repairability and value for money.

Mr Trampoline Durability

With their two-string performance beds being the only beds in the world made with no stitching or hems, the unique woven design produces a premium product with superior strength and longer lifespan in all commercial applications. Whether you want to be an Olympic champion or simply want endless hours of safe enjoyable bounce, MrTrampoline is the perfect choice. Using the best materials and manufacturing to the highest standard, MrTrampoline can guarantee the quality of in-ground and above ground trampolines.

Mr Trampoline Durability

MrTrampoline offers a range of off-the-shelf and fully customisable commercial trampoline products in a range of sizes. Different inground frame types are on offer for varying installations. The flexible and durable colour coatings even allow for a custom logo and centre mark to reflect client branding.

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