Outdoor blinds around the home

Outdoor blinds make the perfect addition to any outside area. Whether it’s simply to entertain or even just have an extra screen, outdoor bistro blinds are a great way to protect against the elements.

Outdoor blinds are available in a number of colours and sizes. Whether clear or tinted, there is always going to be outdoor blinds to suit your tastes. They let you have a clear view of your stunning backyard, while keeping out flies and insects. Furthermore, they can protect your family from the harsh sun, all the while not taking away from the aesthetics of your home.

Outdoor blinds can be easily sourced and are an affordable and easy way to add life to your outdoor area. Just think – you don’t have to take the party inside next time it rains. With simple outdoor blinds you can entertain all year round – rain, hail, or shine!

In your home, outdoor blinds are simple and easy to use. The whole family can operate them without much fuss.

There are several components to focus on when installing your outdoor blinds. However it requires the assembly of a few simple parts.

Clamping – to hold your outdoor blinds in place during installation. Find a solid structure such as a cross beam or brickwork. This is essential to fix the blinds to as you don’t want them to move. Clamp the blind into the position you think fits best and is ready for drilling.

Screws – after the initial drilling, the screws need to be drilled into place to hold the outdoor blinds up and out of trouble. If drilling into masonry, the appropriate plugs must be used instead.

For a cross beam, drill 30mm deep holes with an 8mm twist bit. Tighten the 10mm coach screws with a shifting spanner.

Aligning/Joiners – when thinking of joining two or more blinds together, you need to purchase an outdoor blind zip joiner separately. Position the next set of blinds so that they align and zip them together. Give it some tension as to create a smoother look. Clamp the next head rail and attach as before.

Weather sealing – protecting your family against the elements is always important. Also sold separately are outdoor blind wall anchors. These can create a strong weather seal and protect against the wind and rain. Insert the edge of the blind into the anchor channel and slide it to the end. Drilling 4 equally spaced holes through the anchor to attatch it to the wall is good.

Anchor plates – these are used to help hold the blinds steady when faced with light wind and slight movement. Fix the anchor plates in position at base of the structre with the screws provided. Then all you need to do is adjust the anchor strap.

Chord cleat – this helps the outdoor blinds move up and down. The excess cord when the blind is rolled up should be tied off, to prevent the blinds falling. Fix a cord cleat to a post or wall at an easily accessible level and weave around to tie off!

I’m sure it seems like work now but once it’s done, your outdoor blinds will be the envy of all your friends.

Now you have a gorgeous entertainment area you can use non stop. Enjoy!