Growing Australian native trees

There is nothing more iconic than a soaring Australian Gum tree, or the fluffy, bright yellow of the Wattle. Australian native trees are what make this country so beautifully unique and special.

Sitting out near the bush on a lazy, sunny afternoon is a truly Australian experience money can’t buy.

Bringing this feeling and atmosphere to your backyard can be one of the most rewarding things you’ve ever done. Here’s how you can introduce the smaller Australian native trees and plants to your garden.

By sourcing smaller Australian native trees such as the Banksia and small Eucalyptus like the rose mallee, the Queensland Box Brush and even the Wattle, you can have your very own slice of bush land heaven.

The Banksia has always been a well known Australian classic. It is extremely striking and is even more so in winter when it blooms. Reaching heights of up to 7 metres, the native animals love them. They are able to be easily pruned to make an excellent garden screen.


Most small eucalyptus fall under the sub-category mallee. The rose mallee is known for its grey foliage and its large pink-red flowers. ‘Little Gumball’ or Angophora costata, is a hybrid gum. This plant grows up to 5 metres high with distinctive red leaves and unique rust coloured bark.

Australian native trees such as the Queensland Box Brush are slow-growing and mature into a rather medium sized tree. As unique as Australia itself, they have variegated leaves, and therefore they take longer to produce their own food.

Another classic to add to our list of Australian native trees is the Weeping myall Wattle. An elegant tree with sophisticated and charming grey leaves that fall to the ground. It’s a hardy plant which is able to withstand the harsh conditions and dry spells we often face.

Australian native trees are part of a huge industry. A large range of small growing native trees are sure to be available in your local nursery, or could be found growing naturally in your local area. After careful selection it is relatively easy and pain free to grow at least one type of the many Australian native trees there are on offer.

If you want to add a professional touch to your garden some landscaper designers specialise in using Australian native plants. They will be able to help you make the most of your typical Australian backyard. With their expertise you can give your garden some excitement and an indigenous flair with the addition of a few simple Australian native trees.

Landscaping with Australian native trees is becoming increasingly popular. Many people now want to bring a taste of the bush into the backyard and Australia native trees are an ideal way to do this. Visit your local nursery today to find out more about Australian native tree.