Outdoor living overhaul: do it Tufright
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If you’re going to do it, do it (Tuf)right

Do it tough and do it right — that’s how the team at Tufright get things done, with a superior, and environmentally friendly, range of composite decking and cladding. As well as loving the earth, Tufright products are durable, non-slip and moisture and termite resistant. Plus, there’s no need for oiling, painting or resealing and even less concern about warping, fading and chipping.

Tufright uses an existing or new decking frame to lay its low-maintenance composite boards. Guaranteed not to split or crack, and with no exposed nails to trip you up or split your toes, composite boards are the hottest trend in alfresco design. Tufright composite decks are made from 60 per cent bamboo fibres, 30 per cent recycled HDPE plastic and 10 per cent reinforced plastics, along with UV additives and eco-friendly bonding and colouring agents. With an affordable price tag, longevity to rival Betty White’s Hollywood career and termite-resistant properties, splinter-free composite boards are a pretty good option for Australians in every corner of the country. In fact, the boards can withstand temperatures as low as -40°C and as high as 60°C without breaking a sweat or batting an eyelid.

Available in a bevy of sizes, colours and finishes, a Tufright deck is versatile and simple to install, particularly when paired with Tufright’s joint pedestal system, which enjoys high compression strength, provides proper drainage and can be adjusted to suit your deck’s specs. The pedestals are constructed using polypropylene, anti-UV additives, talc and a host of other recyclable materials. This means the handy system can be used for outdoor patios with timber, steel or composite joists to elevate timber, stone, concrete pavers or composite decking. Placed on top of concrete or acting in place of concrete footing, Tufright pedestals have an adjustable base slope corrector and can survive outdoors for up to 30 years while holding as much as 2200kg.

So, what are you waiting for? Revamp the look and feel of your outdoor space while boosting its usability and functionality with Tufright decking and cladding.

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