Outdoor Trend Alert: Mixed materials

Springtime means finally getting to make the most use out of our outdoor areas again, and one trend noticed by Tegan Bulloch from The Outdoor Furniture Specialists is the use of mixed materials in outdoor furniture

With this in mind, we take a look at four of The Outdoor Furniture Specialists’ favourite mixed material combinations this season:

1. Teak with Wicker

Outdoor Trend Alert: Mixed materials

Can’t decide between teak or wicker furniture? The combination of both brings a modern twist on a classic design, with a setting like the Avia (pictured) presenting a Scandinavian-inspired design with some flair that makes it perfect for this season. Teak is one of the best timbers for outdoor use, and combined with the comfort of wicker, these settings are sure to be timeless.

2. Teak with Aluminium

Outdoor Trend Alert: Mixed materials

If you love the timeless simplicity and hard-wearing qualities of teak but are looking for something that is lightweight and even easier to care for, the combination of Teak with Aluminium is a perfect fit. Aluminium adds a contemporary touch to the wooden look that is also extremely durable. The Sorrento Corner Lounge (pictured) is a great piece blending both materials, and is perfect for entertaining or lounging around in the great outdoors.

3. Teak with Rope

Outdoor Trend Alert: Mixed materials

Teak with rope is a fantastic outdoor option because it blends everything we love about teak with the comfort and functionality of rope. The Bjorn setting (pictured) is a perfect example of the blend that can be achieved between contemporary and elegant style; pairing well with any contemporary decor elements while refusing to sacrifice durability, weather resistance or functionality.

4. Teak with Concrete

Outdoor Trend Alert: Mixed materials

When it comes to mixed materials in your outdoor space, teak and concrete is a combination that is hard to beat. Concrete has a beautiful contemporary look that can blend perfectly with your exterior design. Concrete and teak is a perfect fusion that embodies lasting style with sustainable materials and gorgeous design.

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