Why Choose Pre-oiled Timber Decking


Have you ever considered pre-oiled decking for your next build? It could save you a substantial amount of time and money.

Six Advantages of Pre-oiled Timber:

  1. Get the Job Done Better and Faster

Once you have placed and installed your decking it can be difficult to apply the necessary oil. More than likely, certain sections such as the inside edges and ends will not be coated in the oil which can lead to problems down the line. The timber boards need to be coated before installation with a quality oil such as Cutek. 

  1. Protection from Day One 

With a pre-oiled timber decking you are protected from day one from damages caused by extreme weather. With Cutek oil, the timber is protected and performs at its best inside and out, day after day.

  1. The Timber is Ready to be Installed

With a pre-oiled timber no precoat weathering or cleaning is required, instead it can installed straight away or stacked for late use, which eliminates time-consuming oiling the deck after installation. It is recommended though to do another top coat to finish the job.

  1. Increase the Deck Lifespan 

The Cutek oil minimizes cracking, warping, cupping, reducing expensive maintenance the years.  Cutek gives long term protection against liquid and moisture. Your deck stays dimensionally stable and protected from harsh elements. 

  1. No Sticky Decking

Our pre-oiled timber decking is different because we use Cutek. unlike others, Cutek diffuses into the wood to repel moisture and maintain the structural integrity of the timber.  Your timber decking will not be overly oiled and sticky. We offer a complete protection solution for your decking timber.

  1. Order now & Get Free Delivered

Pre-oiled Timber Decking is available now at H&G Timber. You may choose Merbau or Spotted Gum pre-oiled timber.Ask our specialists further information on (02) 8456 1366.

Check out Hardware & General for more information. Order now and get free delivered to your site!

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