How to create the perfect garden setting


The experts at Colonial Casting share their top styling tips to turn your garden, backyard or front lawn into the perfect location for any event, special occasion or celebration

How to create the perfect garden setting

Using your home cuts down on costs like renting a venue, hiring expensive styling or decorating services. Plus, it adds a personal touch and a sense of comfort for you and your guests. To help you create the perfect garden setting for any occasion, we’ve listed some handy tips and ideas you might want to consider.

Kids’ Birthday Party

As a general rule, kids love the outdoors. That makes your garden the ideal place to hold a child’s birthday party.

There’s room to run around and play, and parents can mingle while keeping an eye on their kids. Pick a fun theme focused on your child’s interests, and build your party around that.

Put out small arts and crafts tables, plan games that get kids moving, like a treasure hunt, and serve easy-to-handle food and drinks like lemonade, cookies, or finger food.

You can also get creative by building forts or obstacle courses.

Elegant Outdoor Dinner

Tired of staying cooped up indoors? Plan a dinner party in your backyard or garden for friends, or put the call out for a family gathering.

It’s easier than it looks – put tables together to create one long dining setting, or set them out for smaller groups. Make sure your chairs have comfortable seats or cushions and get creative with your decor.

Hang string lights or use candles to set an elegant yet festive mood; mix and match dinnerware for a unique aesthetic, and arrange flowers from your garden as centrepieces.

This is an ideal setting for things like engagement announcements, wedding anniversaries, birthdays and spontaneous parties.

Casual Garden Brunch

Weekends are a great time to do brunch in your own home, especially when you have the outdoor space for it. All it takes are some chairs and tables like this lovely cast aluminium dining set, pitchers of cold drinks, some coffee or tea, and your choice of food.

Fresh fruit is a favourite, but you can serve anything from cold cuts to omelettes and croissants. Gather your friends and family outside for a change of scenery, and enjoy your morning.

Backyard Barbecue

Backyards and barbecues were made for each other. Fire up the grill and get flipping at home by hosting a barbecue party – it’s simple, easy and guaranteed fun for all ages.

You can even dispense with things like tablecloths and napkins, and opt for brown paper placemats and a place where people can wash their hands after chowing down on burgers and ribs.

While waiting for the grill to cook, you can get the games and activities going; maybe even some cricket if you’ve got the room. Casual and familiar, a backyard barbecue is perfect for a fuss-free celebration.

Outdoor Theater Experience

For a unique date night or a fun family night, you can turn your lawn or yard into an outdoor theatre experience.

Use a projector and a blank wall, or hang up a white sheet to use as a screen. Cushions or bean bags on the grass, low chairs or benches can serve as cinema seats, and you can make all the popcorn you want.

How to create the perfect garden setting

Refilling food and drinks is as easy as going to your kitchen, so you can enjoy back-to-back flicks.

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