Scenic Blue: How to make the most of small spaces (video)

In this video, Chris Slaughter gives two how-to tips that you can implement in your own garden. Learn how to take advantage of small spaces and to work around other garden challenges


“OK, this is the small space we’re going to look at.”

“This is an area that needed to be a dining room, a sit back room, a television room, a lazy room. We were bounded by a pool fence that actually restricted the room we had. We couldn’t actually get a full-size table in. Let me show you what we actually came up with and how it works perfectly.”

“What we’ve done here – this to give us this dining area – we’ve got this square rectangular boxed shape structure that quickly turns into a dining table and chairs. quick pull out of the chairs we’ve got six. Then pull out the the stools underneath it, we’ve now got a 10 seater. It’s a very simple way of getting what we need in a compact space without it feeling like people can’t push their chairs back and enjoy.”

“The other thing I’d like to talk to you about is the Cabana. It’s an existing Cabana that we renovated. It was sitting on a concrete footprint that was by default created from the size of the Cabana. Why don’t you think sideways – push the deck out, in this case make the deck far bigger than the footprint of the Cabana. It actually gives spill out space, and you’ll find this small area that felt quite tucking and narrow is now one of the areas where people flock and stand or sit on the deck and enjoy the space.”

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