Vincent Sheppard Expands Its Iconic Furniture Line with Frida and Norma Collections



Vincent Sheppard has extended its Frida collection with a dining chair – an eye-catching teak chair with tactile rope. The new dining chair maintains Frida’s incomparable silhouette and brings together tactility with a sense of lightness and Scandinavian design aesthetics. With its Embracing serenity with new rope colour dune white sturdy teak legs and rounded frame, it supports a beautiful seat made of tightly-strung rope.

Also in this collection is the Frida lounge chair which has a distinctive design with a spacious back, round frame and tactile seat. Thanks to the spacious seat of tightly-strung rope, the chair offers maximum comfort while maintaining an airy look, beautiful from all sides and angles. With its sculptured profile and fine seating characteristics, the Frida will be the natural focal point on any terrace, both standing individually or in a group.

Frida lounge chair

INDOOR COLLECTION- Vincent Sheppard presents the Norma lounge chair – an indoor version of their outdoor Frida lounge chair in dark oak.

Vincent Sheppard spent several years developing the Frida lounge chair to achieve the perfect expression and optimal comfort. The company’s profound knowledge of weaving and wood has been crucial to the production of the chair. “After launching the outdoor Frida lounge chair in 2020, we started developing an indoor oak version of the stunning design” explains the CEO of Vincent Sheppard, Coralie Claeys. “The skills of our craftsmen in Indonesia never cease to amaze me. The handwoven seat in rope elevates the design to a real piece of art.” Norma brings together tactility with a sense of lightness and Scandinavian design aesthetics. The chair has a distinctive design that unites dark stained oak wood and tactile rope. With its sturdy oak legs and round-shaped frame, it supports a generous seat made of tightly strung rope. For additional comfort, you can add a cushion shape to the curves of Norma without compromising on design aesthetics. Coralie Claeys concludes: “The Norma lounge chair will add a statement to your home and serve as an elegant welcome to hotel or business interiors.

Vincent Sheppard presents the Norma lounge chair

Nestled in an unusually secluded and calm setting in the southeast of France, VS photographed their furniture at the exclusive property Câlin. With undisturbed views on long-stretched wine fields, trees and the mountain Mont Ventoux, this location provided the ideal setting to capture the furniture on camera. The Belgian design studio Contekst took care of the architecture of Câlin. They transformed the group of abandoned buildings into an exclusive hospitality destination. The VS furniture pieces were arranged in a series of outdoor and indoor settings, accentuating the calmness of the environment.

The VS furniture pieces were arranged in a series of outdoor and indoor settings,

Driven by a conscious mindset and a passion for craftsmanship, Vincent Sheppard produces iconic and comfortable furniture pieces in which to spend beautiful moments together. In addition to the well-known Lloyd loom furniture, the brand offers contemporary indoor and outdoor collections. Designed and finished in Belgium with great care and attention to detail.

Driven by a conscious mindset and a passion for craftsmanship

Vincent Sheppard has been designing and manufacturing indoor and outdoor furniture with exceptional seating comfort since 1992. The company is the worldwide market leader in Lloyd Loom furniture, a technique where Kraft paper is twisted around a metal wire and woven into unique furniture pieces. Today, Vincent Sheppard furniture is exported to more than 40 countries. The headquarters of Vincent Sheppard are in Belgium, while their main production plant is located in Indonesia, a country known for its rich tradition in weaving. By constantly challenging itself and its design aesthetics, the brand is able to present young, contemporary furniture collections that answer to all modern needs. They combine a clear focus on quality and comfort with craftsmanship and an age-old technique and translate these ingredients into qualitative, durable and appealing designs. With a wide variety of indoor as well as outdoor pieces of high quality, the brand is a favourite of many interior aficionados.

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