iHealth for the health-conscious


We all want to become more health-conscious especially when it involves catching up on a few extra Zzzz’s!

iHealth Saunas’ Full Spectrum infrared technology aids with pain relief, weight loss, improved sleep, and detoxification. Other benefits include workout recovery which is shown to have positive effects on producing new cells and improving muscle regeneration.

We all want that ever-glowing skin look and now it has never been simpler. Red and near-infrared light has been shown to boost collagen production in the skin allowing your skin to rebuild and repair.

iHealth Saunas’ Full Spectrum heaters cover all infrared wavelengths as well as red light. This means the heater covers the full spectrum of infrared, and this is why we call it Full Spectrum.

By utilising the full spectrum, we better mimic the infrared light gifted to us by the sun. By ‘being closer to nature’ in this way, our body interprets the light better than LED light (which emits only a specific wavelength – not normal in nature!).

Other key features include:

  • Bluetooth Sound System
  • Contoured backrest
  • Floor heating
  • Halo colour therapy lighting

iHealth Saunas believe in keeping everything as natural as possible and supporting your health. Be the best you can be!

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