Dickson Orchestra Max & Helioscreen Intelligent Sun Control A Winning Combination.

When it came to creating an efficient Sun Shade solution for Wolloomooloo Wharf, Helioscreen & Dickson Orchestra Max were the right choice

The brief from Wharf management was to come up with a strong sun shade solution that not only reduced heat & glare but was easy to operate. Helioscreen proposed an automated articulated arm awning system that was controlled both by time clocks as well as wind and motion control senses to give unparalleled protection from the sun and the elements as well as adverse conditions that may damage the awnings.

25 Helioshade motorised awning arms were installed using Dickson Orchestra Max as the fabric of choice. The Orchestra Max fabric was ideally suited because of its self cleaning properties that uses nano-particles inspired by the Lotus leaf which remains clean & dry at all times despite its muddy surroundings. The Orchestra Max is covered with a special treatment called Permaclean® that makes the water bead up on the fabric and roll right off the surface taking the dirt along with it, so a quick spray of water is all it takes keep the fabric looking clean as new.

Add to that Dickson’s 10 Year limited warranty and you have a partnership that is going to stand the test of time.

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