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Capital do not merely manufacture appliances. Rather, they meticulously design, engineer and then hand-craft every item affixed with their logo, all in the state of California. Their seamless appliances perform efficiently and last for generations.

Capital was built on the innovation of its founders and endures today on the ingenuity of its successors. Every appliance is made to reflect the unique personality of its owner and the progressive soul the company have endowed it with. Capital never settles and never grow idle in our pursuit of a better product.

Introducing Capital’s new PROGRILL range; available in 32” and 36” built-in models. The range features high quality rods and powerful burners for flame grilling, a stainless steel teppanyaki plate, and a 13Mj Flush-mounted rotisserie burner. The PROGRILL barbecue range packs a lot of power into a compact built-in unit.


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