iHealth Saunas are made for city living

This compact sauna from iHealth Saunas solves the problem of having little space to work with. This sauna when contracted takes up a mere 60 x 80cm, and is the smallest sauna in Australia – perfect for those who live in an apartment.

So how do they work? An infrared sauna heats the body directly, penetrating 4-5 cm into the skin, creating a cardiovascular workout on the body whilst removing heavy metals and toxins via sweat.

To install and use the iHealth compact sauna all that is required is a flat surface and a power point, no plumbing, water or permits needed! There are so many benefits to using an iHealth Sauna. Improve your health and wellbeing with an infrared sauna.

Enjoy free delivery & installation anywhere in Australia.

  • Lifetime heater warranty
  • Low EMF <3mG
  • iHealth Masterclass
  • Expanded: .85w X 1.06d x 1.90h
    Contracted: .85w X .58d x 1.90h
  • 240V normal power point – 1350W

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