How's your plant-life balance?

How’s your plant-life balance?


We take a look at the life of one family who knows the value of keeping a healthy plant-life balance

Meet the Levines, a busy family of five who love to get their hands dirty in the backyard. They’ve just enjoyed a bumper crop of tomatoes from their veggie patch, and when they’re not tending to their giant magnolia, they’re trying to get the whole back deck swallowed up by the garden.

For the Levines, having lots of green around has become a way of life. “I couldn’t think of any other way to live,” says Aaron. “We spend so much time in the built environment; having nature in sight keeps everything in balance.”

The benefits of having a garden for a growing family are pretty clear, from physical exercise to active learning. “Our youngest follows me all around the veggie patch digging holes with me, getting absolutely filthy – loving every minute,” says Aaron.

And having a veggie patch gives the Levines fresh, nutritious food at their fingertips. “The best thing about growing your own produce is eating it,” says Daniela.

“We recently picked a few snow peas, and the crispy crunch of them – well – there’s nothing like it,” adds Aaron.

The Levines’ plant life balance is up there with the best, but you don’t need a lot of space or a veggie patch to reap the health benefits of plants.

What’s the look for you?

Fantastic Feasts is a brand new look for your garden or balcony that looks great and tastes even better. It will have you enjoying your own fruit, veggies and herbs within no time, just like the Levines.

Child’s Play is designed to spark interest and creativity in your budding little gardeners. It’s made up of lots of easy-care, non-toxic plants and splashes of colour.

They’re just two of seven looks to inspire you to get more green in your scene, and improve your health, wellbeing and style.

Take a leaf out of the Levine’s book, get the looks, get gardening and improve your plant life balance.

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