Backyard oasis


A simple contemporary oasis provides the perfect escape in your own backyard

Just like having your own private resort, A Total Concept has created a space that incorporates everything a family could want for both day-to-day living and weekend socialising at home.

The simple contemporary swimming pool incorporates shimmering blue-coloured water that reflects the sky by day and contrasts elegantly with the blond travertine poolside paving. Together with the garden, it brings the entire project together.

The large pool steps and extensive underwater bench double as informal seats within the pool and with heated spa jets incorporated in the backrest, provide the perfect warm place for parents and their children to chat. The underwater bench also acts as a safe haven for younger children to play in the pool.

This Sydney property incorporates a beautiful outdoor room with travertine flooring marrying the pool space with the finishes in the home and the poolside areas, in particular the kitchenette, which includes a barbecue, dishwasher, fridge and basin set in bespoke cabinetry. An integrated sound system is incorporated with lounge and daybeds.

At night, the outdoor room is well lit with LED ceiling lights for functional purposes, plus energy-efficient LED lighting throughout the garden areas and swimming pool to create mood effects with washes of light and dancing shadows.

The project has been designed with simple clean lines to integrate the home with the garden. The owners wanted an outdoor area that would provide the perfect shaded area for themselves, their teenage daughters and their friends.

Sunny for most of the day and providing shelter from winds, the property allows for a contemporary garden with a palette of bamboo, agave and New Zealand Christmas bush.

This project, designed and project-managed by A Total Concept Landscape Architects & Pool Designers, integrates the home, outdoor room, pool, lawn and gardens seamlessly to create a stunning space that is a private retreat for escaping the stresses of everyday life.


Originally from Poolside Showcase, Volume 24

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