A Perfect Trifecta


A common rule of design is to “choose a hero” which translates to: select one element to stand out as the feature and ensure the others don’t compete with it. Well, this gorgeous pool throws that rule out the window with three stunning features combining together to make a perfect whole.

“The best way to describe this project is a three in one: A wet-edge pool that spills over into a large curved stone water feature and a stunning contrasting spa,” explains Chris Jackson, managing director of Aquarius Pools.

Situated on a sloping coastal block, the pool and spa boast clever design and positioning to maximise the views of the coastal township towards Port Phillip Bay. “The owner’s brief was for an automated pool and spa with all the bells and whistles for alfresco entertaining in and around the pool and relaxing in the spa after tennis,” says Chris. The owners and their extended family can entertain and swim in the pool or relax in the spa after tennis with a drink in hand.

A curved stone water feature adds another dimension to this pool. The water cascading over the wet edge to the tennis court below creates a soothing sound and adds to the resort-like
feel of the property. For a unified look, the same type of stone has been used on the house, pool and surrounds.

The pool is fully tiled in a light-blue tile, with clever shapes incorporated into the design of the tiled wading area and steps. The raised spa is tiled in black-glass Bisazza tiles, which provide a stunning contrast to the light-blue tiles chosen for the pool. Ten underwater Spa Electrics LED lights transform the pool and spa at night into a gorgeous water feature viewed from the alfresco dining area, living areas and bedrooms.

Two Spa King blowers and eight Spa Electrics jets provide some luxury to massage and soothe sore muscles. The Chemigem D10 sanitiser and Paramount PCC 2000 in-floor cleaning meet the client’s brief for fully automatic maintenance and a sparkling-clean pool.

The variable speed of an energy-efficient Pentair IntelliFlo pump provides significant power savings, while the 200-per-cent-coverage Sunbather Premium Solar takes advantage of the north-facing aspect of the home. “The spa is heated by a separate Baxi boiler and titanium heat exchanger, which provides back-up to the solar heating for the pool. This commercial heating solution will provide decades of reliable service for the client,” says Chris.

A Pentair IntelliTouch in-house pool and spa controller provides the ultimate in fingertip control to heat up the spa from inside the home or from the iPhone / iPad on the golf course or on the way home from the office.

Considerable engineering, planning and supervision were required on this sloping block for the wet-edge pool to cascade over a large 12.19m x 4.5m curved stone wall. The stone wall borders the tennis court and is a beautiful water feature. The owner imported the beautiful natural Schist stone from Queenstown, New Zealand. Clever design and engineering ensure the negative-edge hydraulics of this body of water work effectively while being aesthetically pleasing.

“The complex engineering for this large project was due to the sloping sandy block and the weight of the structure. Two layers of steel reinforcements were required in some areas at 125mm centres,” Chris explains. “This created added OH&S challenges to prepare and concrete the structure, so a considerable scaffold was also required.”

The end result speaks for itself — a project that ticks all the boxes for innovation, quality, technology and luxury.

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