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This sleek lap pool makes the most of a small backyard


When all you want to do is swim, a sleek lap pool is the way to go

Due to this property’s very tight position available for a pool, most pool builders would walk away from a project such as this due to the high level of manual labour required. However, when faced with this level site with restricted access for machines, Bob Biernat and the Freedom Pools & Spas team approached the project with enthusiasm.

Situated in Alkimos, a coastal suburb of Perth, these homeowners had a simple requirement from their pool: they just wanted to swim. “Depending on what you want from your pool, if it’s for swimming, lap pools are an obvious choice,” explains Bob. “Otherwise, for entertaining, you may want to look for pools with bench seating. If you have the room, bigger is always better when it comes to pools. Whatever you are looking for, Freedom Pools & Spas will have a pool or spa for you.”

The couple’s 11m-long rectangular fibreglass lap pool more than meets their swimming needs in stylish fashion. “I particularly like the long, sleek design for swimming laps, black tile line to keep swimmers in their lane, and the S&R Smith grab rail for ease of access into the pool — the client fitted this,” says Bob.

As their site was extremely tight and had limited space to store backfill, soil was barrowed out to the front of the house and barrowed back to complete the installation. The limited space also made it very difficult to position the pool into the hole, but with steady hands and patience, the Freedom Pools & Spas team came through with a flawless installation.

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