Right at Home: How this geometric pool is both functional and beautiful


Servicing a young, water-loving family, this geometric pool was to be the centre of family life for the owners of this Coorparoo property.

When not in use, it was important that the pool was an asset to the property, bringing aesthetic appeal. Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction placed the pool in the far right corner of the block to ensure easy access and provide views of the geometric pool from within the home. The placement of the pool also allowed the Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction team to reclaim a large area of sloping land and add turf to create a flat space surrounded by low walling, perfect for a young family.

The 7m x 4m concrete pool has a simple geometric shape, with clean lines and little fuss to complement the landscaped setting. Tiling the entire pool interior with radiant turquoise tiles provides a visual texture. The interior comes with an impressive 35-year warranty. At the shallow end of the pool, a 3m x 2m spa features soothing jets, while the pool’s 1200mm sheer-descent waterfall creates an eye-catching feature, especially at night thanks to its colour-changing LED lighting.

Perfectly suited to the Hamptons-style home, a white timber pergola running along the width of the pool provides ample built-in seating and a shady spot to relax under the established trees. The pool is surrounded by Eco Outdoor Cobb & Co, complementing the Alpine natural granite dry-stone feature wall. Some of the existing retaining blocks were also used. Taking advantage of new energy-saving technology, the pool features an AstralPool three-phase heat pump. This is complemented by a pool cover, which helps prevent water and heat loss.

Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction installed a Viron Connect 10 pool, spa and lighting controller, with an advanced LCD touchscreen interface, allowing the homeowners to control all of the pool and spa features with the touch of a button.

At a glance
Pool built by: Beau Corp Aquatics & Construction
Pool size: 7m x 4m
Spa size: 3m x 2m spa
Paving: Cobb & Co by Eco Outdoor
Feature wall: Alpine natural granite dry stone
Heating: AstralPool three-phase heat pump
Automation: Viron Connect 10 pool, spa and lighting controller

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