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In the expert hands of Jade Pools, the transformation of this suburban backyard has been complete.

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Gone is the unappealing above-ground pool and tired old timber deck. In its place is an African oasis complete with a sparkling new pool, a thatch-topped hut and a bush-style waterfall. Also gone is the wasted space, with every centimetre of this pool and entertaining area put to optimum use.

An integral component of the garden design was the African hut. Constructed to one sideof the solar-heated pool, it provides a shady place where swimmers can rest or where the family can entertain. To give a feeling of connectedness, the pool was designed sothat it flowed close to the posts of the hut.

Enhancing the relaxed natural ambience, the old raised wooden deck was replaced with a level open deck paved in lava stone and the pool was surfaced in off-white pebble.

As the backyard was an awkward spear shape and council guidelines dictated that the pool needed to be at least a metre from the adjoining property, Jade Pools had to do some creative thinking to maximise the space. One solution was to install a bush rock waterfall in the corner of the yard, turning the area into a focal point and complementing the African oasis theme. Add some lush low-maintenance plants and the owners now have their very own — and very tame — urban jungle. Achieving such an excellent result was a result of good planning, good communication and close consultation. A family-run company, Jade Pools has built a reputation for developing a close working relationship with its clients. Says John Daniel, Managing Director of Jade Pools: “Our consultants work with pool owners with the aim of helping them to achieve their dream.

If the owners request combined landscaping and pool design, we usually use a qualified landscape architect. And when we’re working with a landscape architect, we make sure we all have sufficient time on site so that from the beginning we can really concentrate on the design concepts.”

After that all-important first meeting, an initial plan is drawn up, after which Jade Pools works in close consultation with all parties until they’ve finalised the design concept.

“We take a lot of pleasure in building swimming pools and in seeing the finished project,” says John. “We especially love the ability to create a special corner of the world for our clients.”

Armed with a list of design ideas from the owners and a few rough sketches, Jade Pools set about creating a new pool and outdoor area. By working within council guidelines, deftly dealing with the logistical challenges presented by the site and listening very carefully to the design requirements of the owners, this project was skilfully taken from dream to reality.

This type of client collaboration is typical of Jade Pools’ dedication to ensure each of their customers receives the pool they want. Their designers work closely with their clients to overcome any site or council challenges that arise, suggesting alternative solutions if a particular avenue has been exhausted. By listening to their clients and showing great dedication throughout the design and construction stages, the team at Jade Pools is able to bring their clients ideas to life. “We make sure we get all the information at the outset,” says Jade Pools’ John Daniel. “Everything needs to be taken into account. The site has to be thoroughly investigated so we know where the sun falls and when. We need to know what direction the wind comes from and what all the drainage requirements are. And we need to be able to relate the design to the residence.”

If a complete garden re-design is required, not just a new pool, Jade Pools will engage the services of a landscape architect and work in close collaboration with them to come up with a total solution. “We want them to end up with a quality pool that they can enjoy for many years to come,” says John. “And, of course, family pools are meant to be fun.”

Jade designs pools specifically to meet clients’ lifestyles and budgets, to be practical and to satisfy the requirements of local authorities. The company also aims to build the pool within a reasonable timeframe while maintaining high standards of construction and workmanship, thereby ensuring the client is happy with the end result.

“We strive to complete the project in the shortest time possible and with the greatest pleasure for the client,” says John The results speak for themselves. The company’s long list of satisfied customers and huge portfolio of stunning work are testament to the skill and dedication of these renowned pool builders.

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