Get Ready for the Best Summer Pool Experience


When we emerge from winter into the warmer months, sparkling backyard pools will be the place to be.

Davey has put together some great ideas about how to make the most of your own outdoor oasis come summer. Don’t spend winter dreaming; use this period to get ready for a summer full of swimming. Covid has accelerated the trend of homeowners in all areas looking to improve their property and their lifestyle with a pool.

The industry has never been busier than it was in 2021. Some pool builders are still catching up with orders from last year. If you think the pool trend will slow now that we’re able to travel beyond our front fence again, remember there are other reasons why people want a pool these days:

• Parents really want their kids to be active. There’s nothing like a pool to get them outside and away from their screens.
• Families want a place where everyone can gather. More and more homeowners are adding a pool to help make their space the
go-to where family and friends want to be.
• A pool is an investment in the value of your home.
• The latest heating technology means you can swim year-round and enjoy pools in areas that used to be considered too cold.
• Pools are more energy efficient than ever before, with new technology reducing running costs drastically. For example, a modern variable-speed heat pump will have the average pool user saving up to 80 per cent on LPG heating, 50 per cent on natural gas-fuelled heaters, and 500 per cent on electric heating.

sparkling backyard pools

What are the must haves for your pool?

The right location

What’s the access point from house to pool? This is important if you don’t want dripping kids and friends walking through your house. Also think about when and where the sun will be hitting your pool. You want some sunlight to keep the pool water warm and to make swimming enjoyable, so consider a north-facing location that gets plenty of sun. Generally four hours per day is ideal.

The right size

Think about how big you want your pool to be. Will it grow with your family? Will it be too much work to maintain? Is there still room for the kids to kick a ball around in the yard?

The right lighting

Whether it’s stylish and simple or multicoloured fun, the right pool lighting will make all the difference.

The right heating

Solar can extend the swimming season — if you get sun, that is! But a heat pump gives you real control to choose the temperature you want, when you want it, any time of the year.

The cleanest, healthiest swimmable water

There is nothing better than coming home from a long day at work and jumping in your pool for a refreshing dip into clean, healthy, swimmable water. To help pool owners manage that, Davey’s new Wi-Fi-enabled pool chemistry controller, called Lifeguard, is just the thing.
Lifeguard offers simple pool water management right from your phone. With Lifeguard, sanitisation, pH and acid dosing, and even pool temperature can all be automated and the app will let you know if you are running low on salt or minerals. No more surprises when you use your pool!

cleanest, healthiest swimmable water

Connectivity: benefits of connected pools

Technology is all about making life simpler and easier, and that is exactly what the technology of Lifeguard offers pool owners. The user-friendly app gives you full control over your pool system to view and modify filtration schedules and modes, as well as allowing you to adjust set points as required. It can also be controlled locally if you do not want to connect through your home internet.

It’s very simple to activate winter settings or prep the pool for a summer party, and for day-to-day maintenance, Lifeguard does all the work.

Getting the chlorine balance right

The Lifeguard controller integrates with Davey’s compact saltwater chlorinator — ChloroMatic Nipper. The products are available as a set, or the controller is available as a standalone product for pool owners who already have a Nipper and want to upgrade.

The main Lifeguard controller communicates with other Davey pool equipment, which is easily connected through plugs on the back of the unit or through a Wi-Fi connection. If there is a Davey heat pump connected to the system, the Lifeguard unit can also maintain the pool temperature to a set point during the filtration cycle.

Lifeguard is suitable for pools up to 175,000 litres and can be used for salt or mineral chlorination.

Why you should ask for Davey

Davey is an iconic Australian business that has delivered innovative pool products for decades, across Australia and around the world. If you are looking for a brand you can trust to deliver the best pool experience, and the best products for your pool, from heat pumps to chlorinators and a range of heavy-duty pool pumps to suit any pool needs, big or small, you can depend
on Davey.

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