A Revolutionary Alternative to LED Pool Lighting

Landscape architects, pool technicians and pool builders can now eliminate harsh hot spots and distracting shadows in their pool lighting thanks to Waterco’s latest lens innovation

“LEDs are long lasting, energy efficient light sources; however, they can be particularly challenging for lighting experts, specifiers and designers due to the unsightly hot spots they create,” explains George Flory, Waterco’s Domestic Water Care Product Manager. “Hot spots are areas where direct light is concentrated, and they can detract from the overall visual appeal of the light.”


Unlike traditional LED lenses that restrict the light output to unflattering hot spots, Waterco’s new BriteLUX Diffuser Lens radiates light throughout the entire circumference of the lens.

Britestream MK5 LED underwater pool light from Waterco Limited on Vimeo.

In fact, the BriteLUX Diffuser Lens improves the light’s luminosity by 50 percent in comparison to Waterco’s standard LED light lens.


Available in new installation kits, and replacement light kits that can be used to upgrade older halogen or LED pool lights, the new BriteLUX lens is engineered to significantly boost colour saturation and increase light transmission.


Special features of Waterco’s new BriteLUX LED Diffuser Lens:

  • Superior optical properties
  • Enhanced colour saturation
  • Light diffusing particles for even illumination
  • More light means less LED fittings for swimming pool installations
  • Engineered to diffuse hot spots while maintaining very high light transmission
  • Reduced power usage and environmental efficiencies
  • Robust construction for long life
  • Available in two colour configurations: White and Multicoloured options


“Waterco has also incorporated the BriteLUX Diffuser Lens in its new Britestream MKV LED lights, providing pool owners with an energy efficient, super bright lighting solution that operates on only 15 watts of energy,” says George.


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