Chemflo: An Advanced Pool Sanitisation System


There’s no question about what is top of mind for residential pool owners: how do you maintain consistently clean and healthy water without saturating the pool with harsh chemicals?

The good news is that it is possible to reduce pool maintenance and improve water quality with a sanitisation system that relies more on modern technology.

Chlorine – be it tablets, liquid or salt generators – is the most common pool disinfectant. It’s a powerful sanitiser and historically effective at keeping pool water clean. Much of its popularity was based around the fact it performs three essential functions: sanitising (killing bacteria and germs), oxidising (controlling organic debris from perspiration and body oils), and deterring algae.

While chlorine has increasingly come under fire for its strong odour and ability to trigger respiratory conditions such as asthma, it’s actually the presence of chlorine by-products (chloramines) which cause the chemical reactions. Also known as combined chlorine, chloramines are formed when ‘free’ chlorine reacts with ammonia-like compounds called amines, which are introduced into the pool by urine and perspiration.


The secret to healthier pool water is a secondary sanitiser and pH controller

Most pool industry professionals would agree that chlorine alone is no longer the sole solution to maintaining clear, healthy pool water. In fact, there is growing awareness that you can enhance chlorine performance simply by adding an alternative, or secondary, sanitisation system.

Modern pools need an active residual and a secondary system that picks up where the residual stops. By combining proven and tested technologies, it is possible to have a pool that is clean, safe and clear.

Hydroxzone Ozonator produces hydroxyl radical, one of the most powerful oxidisers found in nature

Ozone systems are popular secondary sanitisers because of their ability to reduce the amount of chlorine usage to maintain a free available chlorine residual, which effectively destroys the chloramines that cause red eyes, dry skin and respiratory irritations. It also eliminates “shocking,” providing more oxidation than free available chlorine while simultaneously improving water clarity.

Waterco’s Hydroxzone Ozonators use hybrid patented technology to produce both ozone and hydroxyl radicals, which combine to add another level of effectiveness in terms of oxidation and sanitisation.

Hydroxzone system uses a modified VUV (high intensity ultraviolet light) ozone tube as a corona electrode to simulate nature (hybrid ozone acts like the sun). The result is an ozone generator that produces ozone using corona discharge technology and high energy light in one powerful system.

ChemFlo continuously analyses your pool water chemistry and controls the pool’s pH

Consistent pH levels are important for a number of reasons: they ensure the sanitiser works effectively, protects the pool and equipment from corrosion or scaling, reduces irritations like red eyes, and creates a more pleasant swimming experience.

Waterco’s ChemFlo automatic control system measures and precisely controls set levels of chlorine and pH balance through feedback from inline sensors. This ensures the safest possible swimming conditions. Costs are reduced by minimising chemical use and preventing excessive addition of chemicals that may damage the pool and its equipment.

Chemflo automatically maintains the required chlorine level and eliminate problems associated with periods of very high or low chlorine levels throughout the year. Fewer fluctuations in chlorine levels mean fewer fluctuations in pH levels. This adds up to more stable, balanced water.



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