Small actions that can organise your space
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Three small actions to organise your space


Putting the theory into practice is always harder than it sounds, but choosing to organise your room is undoubtedly worth it for a clearer headspace. Save yourself time, money and energy with these little actions that go a long way in refreshing your home.


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Visibility is essential in an organised pantry. Give your pantry a fresh start with a full clean out, removing cereal boxes and packets of flour by transferring the contents to clear containers. Once moved across, label with the contents and expiry date so it’s obvious from first glance what your pantry is filled with. Stackable containers are a great, cheap way to declutter the space and reduce the risk of products falling behind other containers. You won’t recognise your space after a thorough sweep through and with every food item in its place. Efforts such as these can revive your pantry and transform the surrounding spaces.



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Changing your laundry starts with you. Implementing systems such as pre-sorting laundry into whites, colours and blacks can equal a quick turnaround later when using the washing machine, placing the freshly washed contents in a basket and putting the next load in within the same breath. Efficient and effective, separating clothes immediately once in the laundry will reduce the risk of a red sock slipping in with the whites or running the washing machine for half-loads. Buy some washable bags or baskets with dividers to make laundry day a whole lot simpler.



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Personalise your space with folding stools and faux-leather coat hangers next to the ironing board or pull-out containers for your sunscreen. Taking the time to evaluate your space’s dimensions and what your highest priorities are in reorganising your pantry or laundry ensures you can make the most out of your home, so washing clothes or cooking are that little bit easier. Minimalist, modern or a style that’s unique to you, get creative in organising your pantry and laundry. Each space is different, but experiment with different systems until you find what works best for you.


Originally in Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly, Volume 25 Issue 3