Pool and spa
Pool and spa

Modern elegance: pool and spa design


This luxurious and practical pool and spa combination sits as the prominent focal point of its outdoor setting

The family wanted a pool the whole family could enjoy, with trouble-free pool maintenance. They also wanted a design that would make the pool the strongest element of the backyard and would be visually pleasing from every room in the house.

Southern Cross Pools delivered just that. At 9m x 4m, the pool sits in the centre of the backyard space with the spa a level higher to one corner. For added “wow” factor, a stunning feature wall made from Italian glass mosaic tiles was added to the front side. The mosaic tile feature wall serves as an integrated work of art to the otherwise simple design, adding a touch of Mediterranean extravagance to the garden landscape.

A simple and minimalist approach to the remaining design elements allows the mosaic feature wall to truly shine. A frameless glass fence provides the illusion of an open space, while the gloss white tiles used in the interior of the pool provide a touch of understated elegance. LED lights illuminate the white gloss glimmer in the evening, enhancing the backyard aesthetic even after the sun has gone down.

In contrast to the pool, the spa which sits to one corner is tiled in dark granite, blending with the tiles used around the perimeter of the pool. This helps create a clear distinction between the pool and spa areas.

As requested, pool maintenance is hassle-free with a Paramount in-floor cleaning and cartridge filtration system. The entire pool is fully automated, easily controlled by the touch of a button on a smart phone.

Southern Cross Swimming Pools was first registered in 1961 by Mr O Dorrity, who was also involved in the formation of the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA). With fierce determination, vision and energy, he quickly propelled the company to become a leader in the pioneering days of what was a rapidly expanding industry.

In 2008 Joshua Schwal bought the business and injected new life into the operation. With Joshua’s enthusiasm and fresh ideas, Southern Cross Pools has experienced a great resurgence and continues to grow on an already strong platform.

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Originally in Poolside, Volume 47