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Three easy steps to maintain your pool


While there are many different ways of maintaining clean, safe swimming pool water, it can often feel like you need a chemical degree to understand the various product options and when to use them — even more so if you’re a new pool owner. Fortunately, Swimart makes pool care easy.

Simply follow this three-step program for sparkling pool water maintenance and peace of mind.

Step 1: 24-hour a day protection

The most important reason that we sanitise pool water is to prevent swimmers from getting sick. Unchlorinated pool water is the perfect environment for harmful bacteria to survive and proliferate.

Provide 24-hour-a-day protection by regularly testing water quality and adding chlorine, whether in salt, tablet, liquid or granular form. If you’re in the process of building a pool or upgrading equipment, your local Swimart technician can advise on the most simple and economic system for you.

Step 2: Maintain sparkling water

It is important to recognise that even when a pool is properly chlorinated and safe to swim in, it can, from time to time, take on a dull, flat look. This is typically caused by non-filtrable wastes such as body fats, suntan oils, urine, perspiration etc, some of which contribute significantly to the formation of chloramines. 

Chloramines give off a distinctive chlorine smell. When this occurs, it is important to bring the water back to its clean, safe, sparkling condition by “shocking” the pool water. You can achieve this by adding Aqua-Health™ Pool Shock or Aqua-Health™ Ultra Shock. Either product should be added to pool water approximately once a month during the winter period and every two weeks during the summer season.

Step 3: Effectively eliminate algae

Any pool owner who has had to suffer an algae infestation in their pool will know that the cost in both time and money to remove it can be substantial. Swimart recommends regularly adding a high-quality algaecide such as Aqua-Health™ Algatrol Concentrate. Only a very small amount is required approximately every two weeks to keep algae at bay and protect chlorine used in Step 1 more effective.

Note: It doesn’t matter how much shock you put in the pool if you have a poor filter. Your Swimart technician can check if you have a mechanical problem and how to rectify it.

Swimart’s autumn pool care checklist

Using your pool less in winter means reducing the amount of time your filter needs to be operated, meaning your next energy bill will be cheaper. Instead of the typical eight hours, your pool filter may only need to operate between three and four hours a day. (Read the manufacturer’s instructions or talk to your local Swimart pool professional to find out exactly how much.)

Your autumn pool care plan will depend on the type of pool you own, however these 10 tips will help maintain healthy water and ensure equipment is running smoothly.

  1. Change the filter’s running mode from summer to winter
  2. Reduce the filter’s running hours from eight to three to four hours a day (refer to manual if unsure)
  3. Check sanitiser levels fortnightly
  4. Check total alkalinity fortnightly
  5. Check pH fortnightly and maintain between 7.2 and 7.8. Use Aqua-Health pH increaser or pH decreaser to adjust if necessary
  6. Skim the pool surface of leaves, and regularly clean the pool and vacuum the walls and floor every few weeks
  7. Regularly check pool equipment is working properly
  8. Use a shock treatment throughout winter. Once appropriate levels have been added, run both the pump and filter for several hours to ensure it is evenly circulated throughout the pool
  9. Use an algaecide that’s appropriate for your pool
  10. Use a pool cover to prevent evaporation, protect chemicals and stop debris from dirtying water. Just remember to take it off regularly to visually check water clarity

If your pool isn’t looking its best, visit the new-look or pop into your local Swimart store for a free comprehensive water check.